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Wishing you could relive the warm sound of 70’s 24 track analog recording?

Our fully functional analog Red Room Sound Studio does the job on analog tape with authentic original equipment and original vintage instruments from Ampeg, Fender, Rogers Drums, Electro Voice & Sennheiser, Gibson Guitars and an RMI Piano for that warm old school sound. We mix then master to digital media that you can duplicate to CD or Vinyl, mp3 or m4 files.

The Red Room Sound Studio was built with "sound" in mind. The warm sound of analog recording, close mic'd vocals, the mixture of electric and acoustic elements and harmonies. Spanning genres from hard driving rock and roll to acoustic singer-songwriter, the Red Room Sound Studio has a sound familiar to the iconic music of the classic bands while bringing your original music into the relevance of today. The gear used in the studio is no accident. Wanting to produce that feel in the studio, Owner and Chief Engineer Mick Connolly painstakingly searched for, acquired and refurbished this equipment back to it's original state and sound from it's heyday. Using ATR Tape exclusively, we are committed to recording in an art form that is now seeing a huge resurgence.

Located at 21 Water Street, Torrington CT the studio has a 1600 square foot live room with stage sound and lights for recording, showcases, rehearsals, concerts and clinics as well as a fully equipped green room/dressing room with kitchen, living room and dining area. Traveling in from out of the area? We handle all of your travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

Contact Mick Connolly at 860-361-6801.

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