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Kodiak is an American Rock band from Toms River, New Jersey formed in 2018. It consists of brothers drummer Pete Biggiani, guitarist Chris Biggiani, vocalist Eric Dalton and bassist TJ Haefner. Kodiak is mainly influenced by bands like Van Halen for their monstrous sound and high energy stage performance, Def Leppard for their big melody’s and choruses, Guns n Roses for their gritty sound and again high energy just to name a early 2017 when Pete started working for Carmine’s brother, Vinny Appice and his band, Last In Line. They were performing at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY and that is when Pete saw Eric singing for a band opening up for Last In Line. He loved the energy Eric gave off and after the show he didn’t hesitate to ask if he’d be interested in singing for a new band with him and his brother. Although Eric lived hours away in upstate New York, the three decided to meet half way at a rehearsal studio to jam. There was an instant connection not only in music but in friendship as well. Timing is everything, as Eric was leaving for LA with his previous band and stepped out of the picture for a few months.The brothers Pete and Chris kept going on writing new ideas and keeping faith in the project. It was by late 2018 that Pete received a text from Eric saying that he is leaving his old group and will be back on the east coast. Pete immediately called him and they spoke as if there was never gap in time. The three continued to write and rehearse multiple times a week while searching for a bassist. It wasn’t until Pete reached out to a kid he knew from performing in the local scene in town that they found the last piece to the puzzle. That is when TJ came along and completed the group. With all the elements together, Pete contacted long time friend and mentor, Carmine Appice. Their bond was made many years prior when Pete won a contest to be in Carmine’s Realistic Rock for Kids video. From that Pete received not only a bundle of drum endorsements, but a friendship with a legend that will guide the group through what is the chaos of the music industry. Once Carmine heard the groups demos he immediately started producing. Continuously sending ideas back and forth day and night to write the best songs possible and to shape the groups sound and stage show  to what it is today. Noting that no crowd is too small and to always give your best even if there’s only a handful of people in the audience. The group needed a new name. Carmine wanted it to sound strong and powerful to best represent the music and after throwing around a list of names, the group knew one stood out amongst the rest. Thus,

Kodiak was created. In 2019, Carmine had the band drive out to L.A. to perform at the Metal Hall of Fame where they played two original songs in front of many icons of the Rock and Metal scene. The band made an impact on the crowd and was asked to come back the following year in 2020, which they agreed to without hesitation. Making the drive out to the west coast for the second time in only a year. Kodiak is not only a band but a family. They stick up for each other and no matter what scenario is thrown at them they find a way through it together. They are absolutely hungry for success. No show is too far and they’ll do whatever it takes to create a name in the industry.

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