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Forte & The Sleepwalker

forte and the Sleepwalker.jpg

Forte & The Sleepwalker is an alternative rock band based in CT that takes a new look at the rock scene. Using an assortment of sounds from an 80s synthesizer to an acoustic guitar. The band focuses on getting emotion out through beautiful instrumentals and ghostly vocal melodies. Marc Anthony Forte leads the trio alongside his high school friend RJ Hinds. Together they coach Marc’s younger brother Jonathan Forte on keeping down the rhythm behind the kit. However age is just a number for this 15 year old drummer. RJ lends his skills as a multi instrumentalist and his knowledge of pedals and intricate guitar playing to the song structures. Along with Marc’s dark melodies and vocal lines they create art that can be visual to the listener. Going controversial with topics such as self harm, suicide, depression, and substance abuse the group keeps it tame with hidden meanings behind every song. Even with brothers Marc and Jonathan being devoted Christians they keep their faith close to their music but understand they’re in a secular world with real problems.

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