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John Spignesi Band

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JSB seeks that musical and emotive sweet spot between rock’s psychedelic swagger and the realness of the honest, introspective lyricism of John Spignesi’s songwriting. 

The New Haven based quartet is: vocalist and songwriter John “Spigs” Spignesi on guitar, with Joe Jeffery (bass) Ed Murnane (keys), and Matt Alling (drums). Together they hang out, genre-wise, at the more rocking side of the New England regional Jam Band festival and club gig scene, and like to consider what they share as “Music For Your Soul.”

JSB’s performance is grounded in a rock and roll ethos of “No Reverse,” seeking always to add to their performances and to the audience’s experience with an improvisational intensity. At the band’s core, though, is a deep and personal honesty and emotional realness in John Spignesi’s lyrics, which range from all out party vibes to the real self doubts we all encounter every day. 

JSB has been at home in the studio and the stage. Since their formation, the band has released recordings at a sometimes dizzying pace, from full studio albums to fun one-off releases like their Halloween take on Edgar Allan Poe’s, “The Raven.” 

With hundreds of gigs under their belts, the band has had breakout performances at Strange Creek Campout, as well as the iconic Yasgur’s Farm in Bethel NY, where they celebrated the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. 

The band aims for every show, every set, every song, and every note to be played with conviction — sharing it all with the audience and leaving it all on the stage. 

Rock and Realness: No Reverse.

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