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Leslie Gold

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Be More Persuasive.

Leslie Gold spent her career as a top rated, major market on-air media

talent, and successful entrepreneur. She now teaches professionals and

executives to be more persuasive. In a frank and enlightening

presentation, Leslie will share what she has learned to be the pillars of

persuasive communication.

Persuasion is the lifeblood of business. It is infused into every facet.

Customers must be convinced to buy your company's product or

service, colleagues have to buy into your company's new strategic plan,

Investors must be persuaded to buy, or not sell your company's stock

and your employees must believe in your vision. Even though

persuasion is of critical importance in business, most business people

struggle with it, and rely on the wrong tools to accomplish it. Leslie

brings her media-honed techniques and sensibilities, and demonstrates

how to apply these techniques to the specific challenges business

people face every day.

Topics touched on:

Storytelling - the key to moving an audience of 1 or 1,000,000 is to craft a good story, with an emotional arc, a

controlling idea and an indisputably clear takeaway. The most powerful are those where the customer sees

themselves in the stories you tell. Leslie will teach you how to construct such stories, and how to skillfully

deploy them in business situations and presentations.

Wielding Imagery, Metaphors and Analogies - the effective use of these tools allow you to influence the

mental associations made by your listener.

Presence and Countenance - Leslie shares tested techniquies to non-verbally convey that you are in control of

your idea and the room.

Nerves - The fear of speaking up is very real. You can deal with that energy in a positive way.

This presentation can also include special tips for 'Communicating while Female'

Leslie Gold, HBS 1985, was the CEO of Bishop Manufacturing, a window manufacturing company with 165

employees. After 10 years of a successful stewardship, she sold the company to a Fortune 100 company and

turned her attention to talk radio. She became "The Radiochick" and built a compelling brand in the nations #1

market. Within 15 months she went from being a complete unknown to amassing an audience of over 1 million

rabid listeners. Leslie was the only woman headlining a morning-drive program in the market, and her show

was later expanded to other markets and platforms. In business, Leslie used her persuasion techniques to defeat

a union organizing effort, convince a bank to loan her 5M to purchase the company at 26 years old, and

negotiate terms previously unheard of in her industry. In her tenure on air, Leslie's listeners erupted in an

organic outpouring of outrage at her firing, and their relentlessness forced her employer to reverse their

decision. Throughout, she persuaded her devoted listeners to continually engage with her program in grandiose,

humorous and very public ways to achieve the highest ratings in New York City.


Leslie is an earnest, compelling and insightful speaker. She can light up your next conference, staff meeting,

training session or networking event.

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