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Wide Awake in Dreamland:

Pat Benatar Tribute

wide awake dreamland.jpg

Fronted by Cindy Connolly, a nationally award winning vocalist and songwriter and supported by a hard hitting rock band of veteran and professional rock musicians, Wide Awake in Dreamland brings the 70’s and 80’s Pat Benatar catalog to life. With true renditions of the most favorite of Pat Benatar’s hits, Wide Awake in Dreamland creates a tribute experience like no other. Cindy’s vocals and resemblance to Pat is remarkable and the band’s sound brings you right back to the days of MTV. This show is vocally, musically and visually exciting. Well known on the East Coast, the band is now taking their show on the road for regional tours. Wide Awake in Dreamland is available as a full head-on rock show backed by a heart thumping rock band, or as an un-plugged acoustic show featuring Cindy Connolly and rock guitarist Michael Connolly in the role of Neil Giraldo taking Pat’s hits to their acoustic roots.

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