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Benny Harrison

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Benny Harrison is a native New Yorker, born in Spanish Harlem his parents moved to New Jersey where he began his musical journey. Benny has always been fascinated with rhythm., at the age of 5, his grandmother would catch him dancing to the pulsating beat of their washing machine!


At the age of 8, Benny soon found himself behind a piano. Thanks to the keen ears of his mother, he soon began piano lessons and so his musical journey began and has proven to be a lifelong trip. He hasn't lost his lost his love and enthusiasm for his art -songwriter, producer, entertainer, vocalist, keyboardist/guitarist. Always striving to create and be a better musician/artist has been his trajectory. Benny is currently working on his first solo record and  a documentary series about his career.


He has been working with Veterans who are either suffering from PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse or homelessness for the last 5 years in a program called ' Voices of Valor". It's a  9 week process to write a song with the Vets who have served our country so well. Benny produces and creates the musical/ harmonic part of the process, and then takes the Vets into a recording studio, where they can experience the process for themselves. A week later, they are given a CD release party with an accompanying DVD of the whole experience. Truly a gift to be able to give something back to those who have given so very much.

Over the years, Benny has performed  or recorded with Joe Bonamassa, Tommy James, Simon Kirke, Joe Walsh, Leslie West, Phoebe Snow, Oscar Hernandez, Will Lee, Corey Glover, Levon Helm, Paul Shaffer, Elvis Costello, Buc Dharma, Joe Lynn Turner, Henry Gross,The Doobie Brothers, and Eddie Vedder, just to name a few. And now touring with Felix Cavaliers  Rascals - Along with The Beatles, The Young Rascals were the band that turned Benny's head around musically. So, to be sharing the stage with one of the icons of Blue-Eyed Soul is proof that dreams really do come true! 

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