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With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, Flying Key Entertainment can help level up you and your career.

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Instruction &
Instruction &
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The Contract

Honing your craft and staying on top of your game is imperative in this highly competitive industry. Flying Key Entertainment offers instruction to help you hone your craft, become more confident on stage and reach an intimate relationship between you and your instrument. Instruction includes:

Vocal Coaching

Stage Presence Coaching

Audition Training


Vocal Mic Technique


Does your music have the right image? Does your image have the right music?

Flying Key Entertainment can help you figure that out. From your sound to your shoes we can help put your look and sound together so that your fans can really know just who you are as an artist or band. From genre specific to just plain cool, we have the styling options to connect your look to your media and to your stage persona. Knowing who you are as an artist is just as important as knowing your market.

Let us build an imaging package to help build your confidence.

Imaging packages include hair, makeup, styling & wardrobe, personal shopper and stage presence building.

Are you seeking Management? Flying Key Entertainment offers Artist Management to those who have reached a level of development requiring them to need a "Gatekeeper". Flying key Entertainment's management program handles all aspects of the Artist's career allowing the artist to focus on what they do best. From overseeing complicated legal structures and keeping track of all the numbers, from social media and radio spins to cash-flows and revenue splits,Flying Key Entertainment knows the way to manage a successful music project. The relationship between the Artist and the Manager is a special one and should be entered into with the utmost amount of trust. Before you sign a Management Agreement with your Bass player's Uncle's friend, be sure you understand the role of a Manager. You Manager will also help to build your "Team". There are many great resources out there to learn more about the role of an Artist Manager. We would be happy to discuss your needs with you and answer any questions you may have. Lucinda Rowe has been managing Artists at all different levels of their career since 1996. You can contact Lucinda at or 860-361-6801.

Band Performing on Stage

Got the band together and you are ready to play out? Flying Key Entertainment offers two tiers of Booking contracts for Artists and Bands. We have a dedicated booking agent on staff to handle Tier One booking of local bands and touring bands that have a set list comprised of mostly cover tunes. Our freelance agent Michele Blanco handles venues and clubs ranging in size from the local Bar on the corner to larger club size venues in the tri-state area with great success. You can reach Michele at 203-364-7408.


For the up-and-coming original artist or national and international artist, Flying Key Entertainment offers Tier Two which books regional, national and international tours, handles routing requests, venue contracts, riders, show advancement, merchandise and settlement. For more information on our Tier Two booking please contact Lucinda Rowe at 860-361-6801 or Cell at 203-241-0068.


Night Event
Event Planning

From Album Release Parties to Benefit Concerts to Music Festivals & beyond.  Flying Key Entertainment has almost 20 years of experience in the Event Planning arena.  Let your Flying Key team plan your next event from conception to clean up.    


Holistic Pathways

Do you have a burning desire to be on stage but are a little shy?


Do you get writers block when trying to write your next great song?


Do you need to get out of your own way and allow your true authentic self to emerge?


Do you need an extra push to finish a song or album?

Are you contemplating what kind of mark you want to leave on this world through your music?

What if we told you there was a way for you to shift your inner latent energy source directly to the part of your brain that gives you clarity, confidence and self esteem? Laura Alvarez, Mastery Certified Facilitator for Higher Brain Living, can help guide you to the Artist you are meant to be.


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